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Creative Vision Esoterica - Pony of Imagination by JerraianKing Creative Vision Esoterica - Pony of Imagination by JerraianKing
Finally... Finally... FINALLY!!! I got it done, phew ^^; I had no idea getting those two done was so much work, but hey :D Can't make anything look good without a little perseverance and sweat, that and a little patience and time goes a long way :) [...and yes, obvious "hidden" thing is obvious"]

Alright! As mentioned in my journal, it's thanks to :iconart-surgery: that got me inspired to make both Lucid Fantasy and Prodgy BOTH in Illustrator, in a much better and colorful version than on pencil and paper. I do admit this one took about... 3 hours+ to finish, but I'm satisfied with it. Proud in the same way as I was with making Prodgy's redo in Illustrator, so all the same, I won't complain~


To those wondering what those colorful-glowing orbs are floating around Lucid Fantasy, they are his imaginative chakra, manifested into shapes of his own choosing: circles, cubes, anything! Only in his sleep, in his dreams, is his maximum power of imagination truly capable of being seen. However, whilst awake, this is the only way his cutie mark's power can be seen: in this chakra form. That and his powers are much weaker while awake, but it doesn't limitate his abilities to manifest the chakra into whatever he likes... with exceptions and the amount of power it takes.

All the same, Lucid is absolutely friendly and all the well loves to befriend other ponies or creatures. As mentioned before, he is very cool, calm and collected so upsetting him isn't very easy: after all he helps Prodgy with his short temper issues, and the little hotheaded magidragon gets fuming under the collar a LOT. He does defend his best friend Prodgy very firmly, treating him as if his own family, so messing with Prodgy will get Lucid's calm nature going red-line fervor.


Song time, yes? I have to, I just have to :heart: Bad habit but I still love matching songs to my chars, and Lucid Fantasy is no exception. I think this one fits him well~ :star: [link] :star: I don't know why but... I love the tune of it and the strength of it overall, it's just so beautiful and powerful :love:

In the end I am so happy with the work I put into the two MLP OC chars I made. I hope that I made a bit more of a confident stand showing that I'm pretty good all my own ^=^
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Always-A-Keepsake Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012
Dude, I'm so loving these backgrounds! They're very pretty~

Do you do them in Illustrator as well? How do you add the glowy effects and the texture?
JerraianKing Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Why thank you :bow: It's the result of conflictive decision making and ultimately, agreeing with myself :D

Yes, I did absolutely EVERYTHING in Illustrator, though it is so simple to make, it's very clever: The background texture is a modified sponge effect, and a lovely choice of outer space colors. The glowing stars and moon was fun: first make them a pure white shape, no lines on them. Copy all the shapes and move it behind them, gaussian blur it a good... 60 points and voila :) Lastly the orbs~ A specific radial gradient is required, then blur it 30 points and there you go: magical glowing colorful orbs~ :heart:
Always-A-Keepsake Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012
...Illustrator blurs. o.o
You've taught me a valuable lesson today, Sir!
JerraianKing Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:D Hehe, then my job is done :meow:

They are very useful in making things such as glows and shadows work.
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