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As of recently, “Five Nights at Freddy’s” has really intrigued me as well as terrified me of its gameplay, atmosphere and DEFINITELY characters. As far as I am to know (and I know TWO of them is watching me right now >w>), Foxy is probably the most popular. Heck, people even thought he was a coyote at first ;3 To be honest, I did too… but I think personally he should be a coyote because they’re awesome <3 That and it reminded me of Wily Coyote from Looney Tunes in a weird way… yes I’m strange 9w9

But the title of this… I think I should explain where it starts making me wonder. From what I read and can understand from the story as well as the evidence that was discovered more closely (also based on my own theory, which may or may not be true in the game’s canon) that there was the disappearances and, later discovered to be murders, of 5 children by a man dressed in a Freddy Fezbear suit. Their bodies never found, but by evidence noticed by onlookers in the restaurant, noticed blood from their mouths and mucus around their eyes, and a foul rotting smell, that its possible they were smooshed in the suits to hide the evidence (a disturbed and sick way, for sure ;w; ) and even if the guy was busted and in jail for it —possibly executed— still the remains were untouched. It’s believed that, by using the 7th custom night and setting it to “1987” you get a pink slip listing interesting details why the nightguard was terminated: foul odor, tampering with the animatronics…

With the murders and disappearances hovering in the restaurant, its bad name due to this became too much and as a result, left its business dying out and soon the building barren. Desperate to clench onto its last breaths of pathetic rescuing of their KO’d business, they hire security there for whatever unusual reason. Unknowingly, sending fresh meat into the stained building… to me, the 1987 security guard may be the one who murdered the kids, hid their bodies in the animatrons, and scarred the restaurant to be haunted by the vengeful spirits of those slaughtered kids. By what it seems, their remains in the suits have possessed the animatrons, to seek revenge for their inhumane ends and punish the (or perhaps ANY) night security person by stuffing them into a suit. Which begs the question… since the building is due to, at the end of the year, get shut down… would they be at peace or would their insatiability be too great to bind them to the building?

To conceal my remaining insanity of lost thought… I wonder why doesn’t someone who DOES know about the children murders buy the place, turn it over to the authorities, recover the remains in the building/suits, properly bury the little ones at peace (possibly EXORCISE those freaky suits), DESTROY the building, and once done, send the suits to someone who may want them for collection or perhaps a keepsake during the glory days before the horrifying quintuple murder? The company knows the place has a horribly dark secret and can’t feign ignorance forever about what happened— sadly though relative to how some businesses are kinda like that in real life, doing anything they can to cover their backs and desperately try to keep a place open even if there was a murder there >w>;

If it was me… I’d do everything above first. Once then, take the suits (once emptied of remains, possibly exorcised/cleansed, police completing their collection of evidence, etc.) and fix them up for all their outdated electronics to more current day~ Foxy needs it worst for sure, and just in case… either removing the hook hand and replacing it with another built hand OR, maybe a sort of more bulky right arm to rotate a hook hand with a normal hand whenever needed to keep his pirate theme <3

Fix ‘em up, clean em up extra nice, update them to 21st century but keep their nostalgic outer looks with some modest modifications (trim a little bulk and fat here and there, improve and update things here and there) and for the hell of it… why not give them a chip allowing them to comprehend and understand? Why not give them some sort of sensory pads in their hands to feel hot, cold, various things and learn anew? Why not give their bodies some cool addition that makes them more helpful to others than hurtful (let your imagination go yonder)? Why not even have the ability to communicate by a synthesized voice to keep the animatronic feel but their own original voice? There’s many fun things you can imagine one can do for GOOD with them.

…back to the point though, I have constant collisions with myself on things so simple as games to as complex as life itself. I always misconstrue my emotions with common sense, from nonfiction to fiction a lot, wondering what is right and wrong, and what I would/should/could do in those situations. Maybe I’m just talking out of mindless craziness but… I will say this right now.

I never seen animatronics in my life, never even been around them! But if I did, at my age probably being the first time I would… I’d act just like a kid in wonder, whole-heartedly: I would wonder about them, how they work and how they function inside and out, exploring what capabilities they could do and CAN do… but also understand they have uses to make others happy (or scare, help laugh, etc.) I mean, once upon a time the same can be said about the 4 from Five Nights at Freddy’s even if they were machines… and even if this sounds like a messy excuse for sympathy and losing myself to childish mindsets, someone out there has to agree with me ;3;

…otherwise I sound as crazy and outlandishly minded as anyone’s ever seen. But let me hear your opinions c:
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My name is Shawn, just your ordinary nerdy guy that has an imagination sometimes too big and grand for my own good, yet always wishing to express it in ways new and unseen. Please feel free to browse about my gallery and enjoy what you see if you like. Criticism is hugely welcomed, as is comments: they truly do help me improve knowing what is and isn't good. ENJOY~


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