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Unity of Shadows, Oublietto by JerraianKing
Unity of Shadows, Oublietto
Well… this is probably the strangest thing I ever made, but… hey people ASKED how bizarre Oubliette’s (shadow bonnie) and Stiletto’s (shadow/purple freddy) relationship was (and is) and I decided to do my best to try and describe it in drawing form.

As you can see… they’re actually two strong halves of a powerful whole the entire time.  If the two ever met, after a rather interesting sort of unusual dance, the two would slam into one another and merge immediately into this HUGER whole being that they once were and once again become:  Fredbear.  As seemingly suggestive as it looks, think of it exactly like Garnet’s fusion relationship!  Truth be told, they are pretty much monstrously voracious for each other’s powers (oubliette’s phobia manipulation AND stiletto’s breaking of the barrier between existence and afterlife) but are dead-equal in power at all times, so one cannot overpower the other no matter even if they boost their own powers by feeding on sources to grow their strength… the other will obtain equal power too from this bond.  Due to this situation, once Oubliette and Stiletto are both fused wholly, this absolute being known as Fredbear goes into a euphoria of loving himself, his fused body, and the sheer power he has to absolutely TERRIFY anything and everything that walks near his domain beyond mortal comprehension!

It is rumored that all three – Oubliette, Stiletto, and ??? the Fredbear fused forms – knows the true, dark secrets of what happened the entire existence of Fredbear’s Family Diner and Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza:  the murderer(s), the cause of the Bite of 87, the childrens’ names, the reasons why it happened, EVERYTHING.  But if you wanted to know the answers… you must offer something equally huge in return:  three of your 5 natural senses.
JerraianKing and Necronomikat ~ Lady Haloweve by JerraianKing
JerraianKing and Necronomikat ~ Lady Haloweve
This picture was made by my girlfriend, :iconnecronomikat: /  The concept of this character was created by me, :iconjerraianking:

Evelyn Hallows, aka "Lady Haloweve", is a woman with quite the intrigue to fashion and Halloween inspiration and interest.  Being she works for a company she created herself to take any and all clothing and reuse it into newly designed styles for any age and gender, she does admit that at times she takes some of the more vintage articles and plays around with new fashions and styles:  this one being no exception.  Every year she wants a new fashion style for the spooky season, and this year this single mother of two wants to experiment with more fun and interesting designs.

Needless to say, it didn't dissapoint~
Checkered Past ~ Border Breaker by JerraianKing
Checkered Past ~ Border Breaker
Well well well~  Looks like I forgot to make my own version of something after all:  Shadow Freddy.  Before I said that he was fused with golden freddy and that is how Errabo was created… but since now Errabo has fused into Eldritch, they are now one whole entity that Errabo can exist in reality at last – thus, no further use for Shadow Freddy allowed him to detach and exist once more as well.  Meet Stiletto, my Shadow Freddy~

As far as things are concerned, he’s pretty much a border breaker:  he can move inbetween phantasm and physical state to his free will (hence why you see him but can’t determine whether he’s real or an illusion).  Manic in personality but definitely knowing his abilities, he’s nothing short of a peacock as far as showing off what he can do, flamboyant in his liking of checkered patters of white and black.  Stiletto finds enthralling enjoyment in perplexing anything living by moving inbetween his forms of shadow and solid body, and has enough strength to fiddle and tamper with electronics just to further entertain himself.

Lastly, and most STRONGLY to note – he and Oubliette has had a strongly “interesting” relationship previously, but it’s too bizarre to explain here.
I have drawn so many FNaF things, even my own version for every current existing rendition of the characters from FNaF 1 to FNaF 4... so I would love to ask everyone who's seen them, who is your all-time favorites in each category and perhaps... your ALL TIME favorite of them all?  ;3  Whoever wins, I'll draw more of them upon request :heart:  Feel absolutely free to look in my gallery and find and look at each one, so you know who I'm talking about :3

FNaF 1 -- Original Five

Fredenand the Freddy Fazbear
Captain F. Foxington the Fox
Chica Cilantro the Chicken
Candy Circus Bonnie Bunny
Errabo the giant Golden Freddy

FNaF 2 -- Twisted Toys

Pumpkis the Puppet
Barnham the Toy Bonnie
Chica Catalina the Chicken
Marquisse the Mangle (the Fox)
Barnaby the Balloon Boy Kid
Figaro the Toy Freddy

FNaF 3 -- Invasion of the Springtraps

ReaperBonn 1.0
ReaperBonn 2.0
Oubliette the Shadow Bonnie
Nouveau the perfect Shadow Bonnie
Dark Oubliette
Phantom ReaperBonn
Seveghon the voodoo lord

FNaF 4 -- Nightmare Nuisances

Brood the Nightmare Freddy
Beguile the Nightmare Bonnie
Cerebellum the Nightmare Chica
Ferro Silvertongue the Nightmare Foxy
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:iconjerraianking: :iconbigheartplz: :iconnecronomikat:

My name is Shawn, just your ordinary nerdy guy that has an imagination sometimes too big and grand for my own good, yet always wishing to express it in ways new and unseen. Please feel free to browse about my gallery and enjoy what you see if you like. Criticism is hugely welcomed, as is comments: they truly do help me improve knowing what is and isn't good. ENJOY~


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