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Friendship is for Pizza by JerraianKing
Friendship is for Pizza
This is actually a gift for someone named :iconrebornica: here on DeviantArt and also Tumblr, since I really enjoyed this person's ideals in seeing Mike Schmidt from the first Five Nights at Freddy's game.

But regardless... OMG I colored something! It's been too damn long lemme tell you, and though its still as plug ugly coloring as ever, its still nice to have a little life in my work, you know? ^^; I don't know if Dexter's color scheme is good or not, but suggestions ALWAYS helps a lot so I can do better and assure everything about his presentation as a character is spot-on.

But finally... at long last... NOW you know what color Dexter is: orange back spots, blue body with yellow-orange underbelly, green eyes (red underneath)... and a personality that goes EVERYWHERE XD

Hope you all like :3
Time's Transition ~ Dexter's Re-Reconstruction by JerraianKing
Time's Transition ~ Dexter's Re-Reconstruction
Ok first off... PLEASE tell me everyone and their grandma has seen the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 trailer.  IT IS SO SCARY AWESOME!!!  83

I love the fact you got old and new animatonics coming after you, testing your knowledge and patience to know which is coming and when.  I hope this will become an explosive gem of awesome when it opens its doors next year~  But back on point...

I haven't drew Dexter the Dragon (aka my FNaF oc) in a while, so to bring a smile to his fans and admirances, I drew him again.  This time, I decided to make a transition from his first game appearance, his decaying and rotting transition, and the final transfer from being refixed back to a new life and a new body:  being a prototype, one of a kind, has its perks... especially when you're normally built to be a repairing machine.  However, he needed to be made SUPER kid friendly as well, so he had to go through a considerable cosmetic change to assure he's not scary to kids, but rather a loved and welcome addition amongst the other new ones.

In his FNaF 2 reconstructed body, modified and 21st century upgraded with better fingertools, bodytools (such as a hydraulic fueled mouth for repair reasons ONLY), and a much more kid-delicate presence, Dexter was a purely welcomed addition to make things much easier around the newly opened and fixed Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria!  Of course, he's still a possessed animatron, but the transition from being junked and totaled from usage gave him time to reconsider his hatred to other repairmen.  As a result, he no longer stalks them and prefers to play nice-- well, at least until the night when he can be the biggest joking ass he can be to the new nightwatch guard:  his very popular pasttime (what, you thought the possessed suit still wouldn't be a superego dark humored creep still~?)  In fact, his change in body and form gives MORE reasons and entertainment to make more unnerving comedy to appease his bizarre sense of humor <3

Mind you, he's still friends with the older animatrons.  Due to programming rules, he can't repair them/isn't allowed to, day or night... which is a true shame because he made a little peace with endless fighting with the original Freddy, that and Bonnie is his best friend and it hurts him truly he can't fix his face and arm, at the least.  One of these days however, Dexter is planning to override his own programming systems, even if its PURELY against the new rules of Freddy Fazbear's animatronic coding, and try to help his friends a little.  The least he CAN do, until then, is keep them constantly living via power sources to keep them powered strong under the noses of the others-- mind you, they're not mean at all to him, he's friends with them too!  But...

You can never forget your original friends, no matter how many new ones you get.

The Third Case of FNaF this Month! by JerraianKing
The Third Case of FNaF this Month!
I can't stop saying FNaF, its just too amusing and yet catchy to remember:  makes it easier to say Five Nights at Freddy's for sure!

I has even more good fun with said cast of characters, this time its mainly (mostly) my own versions of how I see Freddy, Chica, Bonnie and Foxy... and yes, Ryualen is in there too c:  I'm very sure anyone can identify the song Freddy Fazbear is singing (I originally wanted him to sing lyrics from "Sledgehammer" until a discovery of the song made me HEAVILY reconsider the lyrics he sung) but regardless, "Call Me" by Blondie is still a classic and a very strangely fitting one to the big boss bear~

To me, in my own imagination, I see each of the animatrons like this:

+  Freddy is attention gluttonous, VERY flirty but means well.  He's especially sweet to kids,  loves hugging em close and warmly in safety:  a cuddle hog in short <3
+  Bonnie is the smart one, collected and proud at times.  All that been said, he's surprisingly afraid of being alone and always around others, human or not~
+  Chica is the tried supporter, the mediator of the four.  Since she runs the kitchen anyway, she dawns an apron and being the only girl, has to be the responsible one.
+  Foxy is the loud one, for sure, unable to know when to keep things to himself about others.  That and he has a CONSIDERABLE Mr. Krabs (pre-movie) personality.

Regardless I hope you guys enjoy the heck out of this one, I had so much fun drawing this~    :love:
FnaF-ing Around, the Second Time by JerraianKing
FnaF-ing Around, the Second Time
I need to come up with better titles for my work  >w>

BUT YES.  More sun stuff with Five Nights at Freddy's goodness, and in eager awaiting and celebration for the sequel coming out VEEEEERY soon~  I had more fun with my now self-proclaimed muse, Ryualen Waultze, and with more of the 4 (5 including a tiny appearance of Golden Freddy) of the original animatrons doing... things...

Oh, and so I don't get rusty, I drew Dexter again for all you liking fans of him  :3
Continuing on a little bit from the description from my "Morning Mane Madness" sketch I made shortly ago, I have been looking at myself a lot lately.  I keep thinking I'm really a mediocre artist trying too hard, or just never good enough to show I can be well-versed or even of the 'popular' type.  But as I look at others' mindblowing artworks, I seem to forget... time and time again...

I have-- God of Forgotten Chaos , Lord Xibacord by JerraianKing

--made plenty-- The Florid, Kaleidoscopic Alicorn - Little Sister by JerraianKing

--of my own-- Almighty King Daddy ~ ParadoxImplanter by JerraianKing

--truly self-defining-- Raijin Alicorn ~ Sky-Bursting Lightning Grandiose by JerraianKing

--artworks, things that I was proud of and worked truly hard on and loved each one, whether success or failure.  Whether they were wholly unique or a concept done many a time before but with my own twist on it... I remember all the agony I put myself through and the joy I realized being proud of how hard I tried on them!  Sure, they might not look any special to you or for anyone else, but to me they are cornerstones of me learning and improving, and they mean so much more.  That, and I DREW these monstrosities by hand before working on them more seriously  ;w;  It took a lot of dedication to show that I can be amazing all my own too, and sure I went through a LOT of heavy and even low blow bumps as well, but I still pulled through even if it resulted in a horridly rough resolution.

Maybe... my self-confidence is my greatest enemy more than anything else:  why it causes my envy or jealous streaks, why it depresses me and even saddens me to think I'm never going to be anything as far as creative or artistic.  Looking back shows me I DO have the potential, the skill and ability to really be something, but I'm always held back by myself because of so many what-ifs.  I mean sure, there's the inarguable reasons like work, which gave me more hours and definitely tires me out heavily, but challenging my own self-worth seems to have grown so large that I myself am too weak to push it back, and when that happens, its just too big an obstacle to overcome alone, thus, it's essentially my crippling flaw, it always has and may continue to be:  although, my girlfriend and eternally loved girlfriend Margo definitely helps, its still an uphill battle for myself.

If I had more strength, more united support to help show that I can do it, encouragement that is genuine, maybe I can push it back and finally shine as the special star I know I can be.  That is all I truly want, opinions and encouragement  ;w;  Like I said, I know my love Margo significantly helped me much more, but I want to fully remove the insecure and confidence-broken self of mine... I don't know, maybe just a little encouragement or appreciation would help?  ;3;  A hello or something, I don't mind anything really!  I'm not asking for anyone's money, I'm not asking for anyone to make me art... I'm not even trying to be demanding, or even making a half-butted attempt at it!  I just ask that little tiny request is all... anything to show that people does care and wants to see more from me in the best way possible.

...but I'll hush now.  I hope you all have a good day/night, and just know if no person ever says they care about you... I do.
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My name is Shawn, just your ordinary nerdy guy that has an imagination sometimes too big and grand for my own good, yet always wishing to express it in ways new and unseen. Please feel free to browse about my gallery and enjoy what you see if you like. Criticism is hugely welcomed, as is comments: they truly do help me improve knowing what is and isn't good. ENJOY~


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