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Melted Fusion ~ Goliath Bunny 2 by JerraianKing
Melted Fusion ~ Goliath Bunny 2
Even more of this large and bellied animatronic, the fusion of ReaperBonn and Razzle after the Fazbear Fright’s building fire.  Still a work in progress unless he’s loved just how he is <3

There are several things, besides his melted face, that indicated he came out of that fire:  his cotton tail has been singed and not spider-infested anymore, parts of both ears are melted a bit too and certain areas of the internal ear mechanisms are pretty much melted stuck and unable to move, his jaw hinges have fully fallen off and there’s basically no way a lower jaw can be attached normally, the fire damaged one of his eyes causing it to have a “blinding” (which can still emote but he can’t see out of normally) complication with it, and lastly the fact he has a ‘tongue’… if you wish to call it that; it’s actually one of his rubber neck cords having been melted and being shaped tongue-like, although it still has elasticity and can make him look quite cuter.

Pretty much he’s a blank minded soul, absolutely clueless of what is going on or anything at all.  But with how he functions, he’s pretty much an animatronic performer at heart and seems to react positively to children:  thankfully not for ReaperBonn’s horrific reasons, although extensive work must be done to make him MUCH more kid-friendly  ^^;
Melted Fusion ~ Goliath Bunny by JerraianKing
Melted Fusion ~ Goliath Bunny
Okay, I have to be honest… I wanted to do something a bit whimsical and cutesome and just adorable butter ;u;  Springtrap is a freaking terror of disturbing secrets, I know that, but I already did some fun things with ReaperBonn and Razzle, so I wanted to further experiment.  ;3  So this, still work in progress mind you, wonder here is actually the compressed and smooshed fusion between RB and Razzle during the building fire… you know just not ENTIRELY junked up  ^^;  So this is actually a whole new “Springtrap” version that has both my formers into one singular body (although I still am wondering what to name him) and he’s… quite a colorful character.

He’s still scary like ReaperBonn, but it’s not intentional:  even if two bodies became one bigger one, his lower jaw hinges were destroyed and his face was melted in places that pretty much nulls him ever getting a lower jaw… thus making his appearance rather frightening to more than several.  However his docile and even curious nature, homages to Razzle, shows he’s more intent on trying to understand:  in the process of two animatronics of the same kind merged into one larger one (PG’s human remains was majorly cremated and turned to ash in the intense heat, and of what Razzle didn’t beat shitless out of ReaperBonn whilst in the heart of the fire, the remnants took unto the leftover scraps) it’s pretty much reduced any sense of being or recollection to a blank slate:  literally a drifting soul in a foreign body, trying to adapt.

I wanted to give him a belly too, because he looks cuter with one:  something to distract from his scary face but accentuate his gentle giant nature.
Are you SURE it's really over~? by JerraianKing
Are you SURE it's really over~?
It's sadly true that the 4 hiding in the hat picture is fake, and has been verified it is fake.

Um... UM... uuhhh.....  ;A;

Scott?  What is this?  Is Springtrap really... STILL...
Razzle the Magician by JerraianKing
Razzle the Magician
You know, sometimes you just need a little bit of cute to go along with all the scary |3  So… here’s a little more of Razzle (my 2nd “Springtrap”, Golden Bonnie, etc. version) and some things playing on a bit of his magician motif from the days long past.

An interesting fact?  THough the act only lasted for a fEw days because of fears of danger To the children, One Of his more intricate acts was illusions of roses that ‘appear’ as such, but with a quicK twitch of his hands, the metal ZHING sOund aNd thE shimmer of rOse-designed blades appear as iF from nowhere.  He even could make mulTiples appear as is Holding a hand of cards, to amazE the children watching (and even if only for a few days, no children were ever hurt:  but parents were concerned about using real Blades around the littLe ones, And thus they were forceD to remove the act and resort to morE safer actS)

Strangely though, the next day when the knives were being removed from the building so that none of the kids would find them and get hurt by them, they discovered that one of the eight daggers were missing, and it was never found…
Everyone by now knows the "troll hack" game Scott Cawthon made... but besides the disturbing discovery why "Springtrap" is named how he is, did anyone notice the music playing on the same menu?

Listen to this very closely, and tell me what you think it sounds like.  I have a strong guess where I believe it is, but I'd love to hear what others think.
I think it's the sound of a sewer
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My name is Shawn, just your ordinary nerdy guy that has an imagination sometimes too big and grand for my own good, yet always wishing to express it in ways new and unseen. Please feel free to browse about my gallery and enjoy what you see if you like. Criticism is hugely welcomed, as is comments: they truly do help me improve knowing what is and isn't good. ENJOY~


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D'aww thank you  ;u;  That means a whole lot you like my work~  What can I say though, I love to have my own flavor of creative style with it:  something new but candy to the eyes even with little color ;3
i feel like this fits Springtrap very well.…
JerraianKing Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehehe, very well possibly could fit~

I'd think more of something Silent Hill  ;3
that too. Silent Hill would fit too!
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But which song fits him best~?
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